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Create and decorate a virtual den to chat in! ~comfy vibes~

Sherlocked Escape Room


Sleuth your way through this online escape room with different difficulties

Little Alchemy 2


Mix and match elements together to discover new ones! (remember Doodle God?)

Alone Together Two Player Puzzle Game


Test your communication with this interactive escape room for two!

Alone Together 2: Together Apart


If you've solved the first, try and tackle the sequel!

Netflix Party


Netflix and virtual chill

The Louvre Virtual Tour


Do a digital tour of this famous French museum

Ocean Music Maker


Get yo creative on and make some beats together



Video Chat & Sync Netflix / other TV

Hogwarts Escape Room


Solve this Harry Potter themed digital escape room!



Answer quiz questions & Donate beans to fight hunger

Space X ISS Docking Simulator


Figure out SpaceX's dock controls & Talk each other through connecting to the ISS

Airbnb Experiences


Sponsored dates around the world curated by Bumble!

Times Square Live


People watch in the center of Manhattan!

San Diego Zoo Live Stream


Watch 13 different animals up close, including elephants and koalas!

Theme Park POV Rides


Screen share and jump on rides from Disney World and other parks!

Radio Garden


Explore and listen to the world's radio stations with each other



Get competitive and SINK SOME SHIPS!

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History


Check out some dinos and mummies at the Smithsonian

Digital Jigsaw Puzzle


Do a soothing jigsaw puzzle with others

The Open House


Go on this open house tour together as it slowly gets very...twisted



Pictionary works for two (tip: make up your own words)

The Boat

Go on a stormy journey in this 20 min animated short story

The Oregon Trail


Screen share and survive the trek in this retro game

Aggie IO Drawing!


Play hangman, tic-tac-toe, or just dual doodle up a masterpiece!

Making virtual memorable

Explore a new dating genre on fondue!

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