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fondue isn't match-making,
it's the after-match

1. meet online or irl

2. date on fondue!

fondue when you...

need to have date night inside

want to check if your Match isn’t a complete *clown* before meeting them in person

need to be far, far away from your partner

are stuck in quarantine and have no real date options open

we believe in...

making virtual dating fun and easy

bridging the gap from apps to real life meetups

connecting people with memorable experiences online

our first experience is:

fondue convos

video chat and get to know each other through our curated decks

our fondue formula:

~20 minutes

5 rounds

that increase in intensity

1 question
+ 1 activity

per round

the original fondue deck

150 timed cards optimized for virtual interaction

75 question cards

75 action cards

only the best cards stay—
let us know which cards suck and we’ll swap em’ out!

made with love in htx ❤️